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IBW Surveyors offers various surveying services ranging from large and complex condominiums to large and small scale topographic surveys for infrastructure design-build.

We work closely with engineers, architects, planners, lawyers, contractors and consultants at all phases of the project to ensure all the requirements/needs are met achieving the greatest value to our clients.

Our highly skilled professionals can provide various data format such as: digital terrain model (DTM), surfaces, contours, cross-sections, profiles, volume & area calculations, etc.

Every client has different needs, and often the client is unsure of exactly what surveying services are required to meet their needs. Call or email IBW Surveyors at any time to discuss your specific needs and we will come up with a specific solution for you.

3D Laser Scan of Highway Bridge

3D Laser Scanning/LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and HDS (High Definition Surveying).
Sample Condominium Development Plan

Condominium Development

Plan of subdivision specifying the Unit, Level and Plan Number.
Performing Construction Layout or As built Surveys in the Field

Construction Layout / As Built Surveys

Ensure your project is built according to design plans.
Sample Crown Lands Survey

Crown Lands Plans

Specialized survey for unpatented lands overseen by Surveyor General.

Sample Custom Home Survey

Custom Home Surveying

Surveying your custom dream home every step of the way.
Tunnel Image for Deformation Survey Plan

Deformation Monitoring

Tracking the change in shape or dimensions of objects.
Sample Engineering Surveys

Surveys for Engineers

To determine the three dimensional position of points (XYZ).

Sample Expropriation Plans

Expropriation Plans

For public utilities, transportation corridors and public facilities.
Sample Farmland Retracement Survey

Farm Retracement Survey

Specialized surveys to deal with historical boundaries.
Horizontal & Vertical Control Network Illustration

Horizontal & Vertical Control Networks

Setup a completely adjusted network critical for project success.
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Legal Boundary Surveys

Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors (OLS).
Sample Reference Plan (R-Plan)

Reference Plans (R-Plans)

Graphical representations of descriptions of land and divisions.
Sample Site Plan Development Drawing

Site Plan Development

Drawings of property improvements for the issuance of a building permit.
Sample Stockpile Volume Calculation

Stockpile Volume Calculations

For complicated and potentially unsafe material measurements.
Sample Strata Plan Survey

Strata Plans

Plans that define vertical and horizontal limits of lands.
Sample Subdivision Development Plan

Subdivision Development

Subdivide property into new parcels, units, or lots for the first time.
Sample Survey Real Property Report (SRPR)

Survey Real Property Report (SRPR)

Survey of buildings or structures relative to boundaries.
Sample Topographic Survey Plan

Topographic Surveys

Elevations, contours, & physical details above ground.
Example of utility coordination between multiple parties.

Utility Infrastructure Services

Utility Coordination & Data Management for Municipalities.
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Water Boundary Survey

Specialized approach for waterfront properties.

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