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3D Laser Scanning, also known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and HDS (High Definition Surveying), is a very precise and accurate method of collecting millions of points over a short range of time for either very complex or simple environments.

The scanner records the horizontal (x and y) and vertical (z) position of the surveyed points, as well as the intensity that is reflected by these points. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values which are known as ‘True Color’ can also be recorded, providing an accurate 3D representation of reality.

The scanner is setup at multiple locations, capturing all the data that is within its line of sight. The data is then combined as a Point Cloud in the office. Any 3D information (linework, points, etc.) can be extracted from the Point Cloud and generate all types of CAD drawings.

At IBW, we use our highly skilled team of surveyors, combining traditional surveying techniques with 3D laser scanning to achieve the best of both worlds.




High definition, high accuracy and high speed – dense point cloud, high level of detail.

Clash Detection

Verify if there is conflict between point cloud and model elements in pre-construction phase, avoiding future costs and time delays.


Point cloud can be shared with clients, consultants, and any personnel involved in the project. Files can be easily accessed using a web browser interface.


Reduces number of site visits and future work. Millions of accurate surveyed points are collected over shorter time.


Roads, bridges, and other high-risk sites can be safely captured without any contact.


Measurements can be taken off the cloud, saved as an annotation and used as markups for personnel with access to the point cloud.


Detailed Topographic Surveys

Roads, Bridges & Tunnels

As-Built Surveys

Engineering Surveys

Building Surveys – Indoor & Outdoor

Pre-Construction & Monitoring Surveys

Site Development & Planning

Volume Surveys

Post Construction Surveys

Event Pre-Planning – Layout of Site Conditions


2D & 3D CAD Drawings

High Definition Images

Point Cloud – Import Your Point Cloud into AutoCAD

360° Panoramic Image

Web App – Access Your Point Cloud Online

Floor Plan, Cross Sections, Profiles

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) – 3D Surface

Fly-Through the Point Cloud – Animated Visualisation


3D Laser Scanning Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What deliverables can we expect when we use 3D LiDAR scanning?
The main deliverable for 3D LiDAR scanning is a point cloud. Another common deliverables are dwg drawings containing 3D linework and 3D points.
Do we need light when scanning?
No light is needed when scanning. Measurements can still be taken without light. However, light is still important for picture quality.
Is 3D scanning less accurate than a traditional survey?
3D laser scanning is a highly accurate method of measuring a project. In most cases, traditional methods of surveying are applied with 3D LiDAR scanning to transform the point cloud to the project-required coordinate system.

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