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Builder’s Package

Are you building a custom home?  Get all the support you need, when you need it.

IBW has seen through thousands of custom home projects spanning all across Ontario from rural estate lot developments to building a new home in a mature neighborhood.  We have standard Builder’s Packages that are cost effective and will take your project from start to finish.  We can also customize our services to fit your specific building needs and be as little or as much involved as you would require.

IBW has been trusted by many builders, contractors and property owners over the years, because we offer:

  • 30+ field crews across Ontario.  You will get all the support you need, when you need it.
  • Dedicated Project Managers assigned to take care of your project.
  • Deep knowledge of your business to identify issues early and get the job done right.
  • Comprehensive suite of services to help your project from start to finish.

Builder’s Package Services

Pre-construction Stage

A standard construction project will require a Surveyor’s Real Property Report and Topographic Base Plan to start (Insert link for both services explaining what they are). This is what’s called the Pre-construction Stage because these plans provide a base for all future design elements. The Surveyor’s Real Property Report provides you with the legal extent of your rights pertaining to your property. It will ensure all easements, encroachments and encumbrances are accounted for and accurately depicted. The Topographic Base Plan provides your architect with all the grading and natural geographical features necessary to properly design and position your new home. 

Once the house location has been provided to us by your architect, we can start on the Site and Grading Plan (Insert link for site grading plan service). The Site Grading Plan technician takes the position of the proposed home provided by your architect and designs the grading of the property to adhere to the municipal requirements and bylaws. The Site Grading Plan is a key element of the project because it is used to apply for building permits. This is because the municipality needs to ensure that adjoining properties are not adversely affected by any increase in stormwater runoff. They also control how close/far you can build your home to the property lines; the technical term for this is setback. 

Once all requirements are met and the Site and Grading Plan has been approved by the municipality, you will be able to receive your building permit. 

Construction Stage

Receiving the building permit leads to the next stage in the process, the Construction Stage. IBW offers the following services during the construction stage:

Stakeout for Excavation

The Stakeout is done by a combination of in-office and field layout work. When you receive your building permit, IBW will request them in order to begin our construction calculations. We use the approved setbacks to calculate coordinates for the outside of the foundation walls. Once this is complete, we can determine where the ground needs to be excavated. We then send our field crews to mark where and how deep this hole is going to be dug and provide a sketch of the location to the excavator. 

Pinning Footings

When the excavation is complete, we are called back to set pins to show the formers where the outside of the foundation wall is for them to accurately create the footing forms. 

Final As-built Survey

This stage is the crucial final step of the process. It involves measuring the as-built locations of the foundation wall corners. The information is brought back to the office and evaluated to ensure the walls were built according to plan. All boundary-relevant changes from construction are noted and taken into account at this stage. Once the data is processed and put into a plan form, the deliverable is a Surveyor’s Real Property Report showing your existing boundary along with the new improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m doing infill construction and found an old survey, can I use it for permit application?
Municipalities only accept up to date surveys. This means, the survey you produce for your building permit application must reflect the current site conditions and be less than 5 years old.
I’m building on a lot in a new subdivision, what surveys do I need?
You will require a boundary and topographic survey for your permit application. You will also need a site and grading plan following the boundary and topographic survey. We offer what is called a “builder’s package” to lump all our services necessary to complete an infill construction project.
What is an as-built survey? Versus a final as-built survey?
There is no difference between the two, just a different way to describe the product.

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