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Lot Line Staking

Are you planning to build a fence, a shed, a deck or other structure on your property? Are you in a dispute with a neighbor over the location of the property line that you share? When you need to know where your property line is, IBW Surveyors can help you move forward with certainty and peace of mind.

A lot line staking is a boundary survey of one or more property lines. Various markers will be set along the property lines and efforts will be made to make the line as visible as possible. We will complete the necessary research, fieldwork and calculations to confirm the required property boundaries, and we will mark the boundaries with survey monuments, spikes, stakes and nails as appropriate. The fieldwork will be completed under the supervision of an Ontario Land Surveyor, and the work is considered a legal boundary survey. The work will be reviewed by an Ontario Land Surveyor, though no plan is included in this service. If you require a plan, we would steer you to a Plan of Survey (POS) or a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR).

Generally we would only want to offer a Lot Line Staking service if there is already an existing survey on the parcel of land.

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