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Cottage Surveys

Whether you are a recent buyer of a cottage property and looking to make some changes or a seller that needs to provide an existing survey as a condition of sale we can be your trusted experts to help!

IBW Surveyors and its legacy firm divisions have comprehensive records and expertise surveying much of Ontario’s cottage country. We are familiar with the terrain, the lakes and the municipalities making us a great partner for your project.

Servicing: Haliburton, Minden, Bancroft, Algonquin Highlands, Highlands East, Hastings Highlands, Trent Lakes, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Georgian Bay, The Archipelago, Township of Seguin, Parry Sound, Whitestone, McDougall, Muskoka and more!


You may need a survey to show the location of the cottage on the property, any easements or potential encroachments, and whether the property is owned to the water’s edge. A survey may also reveal if there is fill located on the bed of the Lake, or if there is an original shore road allowance (a strip of land between the property and the water’s edge, owned by a municipality or township). It may also cover how the property is legally accessed. We can provide you with a number of services and will assist you in determining which service best meets your needs.

  • Shore Road Allowance Reference Plan
  • Crown Land Survey
  • Lot line Staking
  • Surveyor’s Real Property Report
  • Plan of Survey
  • Builder’s package
  • Topographic Plan
  • Site and Grading Plan

If the lake is artificially regulated there may be requirements to show specific contours or “high water marks” on a survey. For a site and grading plan zoning setbacks, allowable lot coverage or other related calculations may be required.

We have relationships with local planners and builders that may be able to help with other aspects of your project. Please contact us and we can help answer your questions and give advice on what might be the best type of survey for your needs.

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