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Construction Layout

IBW has an extensive construction team ranging from large commercial/infrastructure development to small-scale custom homes. Our Residential Construction Layout services include but are not limited to the following:

Stakeout for Excavation

The Stakeout is done by a combination of in-office and field layout work. When you receive your building permit, IBW will request them in order to begin our construction calculations. We use the approved setbacks to calculate coordinates for the outside of the foundation walls. Once this is complete, we can determine where the ground needs to be excavated. We then send our field crews to mark where and how deep this hole is going to be dug and provide a sketch of the location to the excavator.

Pinning Footings

When the excavation is complete, we are called back to set pins to show the formers where the outside of the foundation wall is for them to accurately create the footing forms. While the outside corners of the foundation are typically laid out, gridlines are an option for larger homes if they are designed by the architect. IBW can also lay out any interior points such as elevator shafts, helical piles, garage walls, and more. At this stage the as-dug elevation is also measured and reported to your contractor so that any adjustments can be made to obtain the correct floor elevation.

Final As-built Survey

This stage is the crucial final step of the process. It involves measuring the as-built locations of the foundation wall corners. The information is brought back to the office and evaluated to ensure the walls were built according to plan. All boundary-relevant changes from construction are noted and taken into account at this stage. Once the data is processed and put into a plan form, the deliverable is a Surveyor’s Real Property Report showing your existing boundary along with the new improvements. (this step is often required by municipalities to close your building permit or can be required before framing can start).

Grading and Landscaping Layout

Grading and landscaping features such as retaining walls and finished grade elevations can be laid out at the appropriate time during the construction stage upon request. These features can either be laid out according to IBW’s design or by client/consultant’s design, provided it complies with by-law regulations. Many municipalities require that the as-constructed grading be reviewed and certified to be in compliance with the approved site grading plan before closing your permit. Often there is a security deposit that can be returned upon completion of this step.

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General Project Flow For Construction Layout Surveys

The workflow of a Construction Layout Survey typically involves several steps, including the following:


Step 1: Layout and Design Submission

Clients submit their proposed layout and design to initiate the project.


Step 2: Calculation Execution

Essential calculations are performed to ensure precision and adherence to the provided design.


Step 3: Onsite Assessment

A tailored onsite assessment is scheduled based on the client’s specific needs, guaranteeing accurate data collection and assessment.


Step 4: Optional As-Built Survey

On request, an as-built survey is available to verify and document the completed project in comparison with the initial design.

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