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Severance Sketch

A Severance Sketch, also called a Draft Reference Plan, is a deliverable certain Municipalities will request as a component of a consent application. Consent is required in order to create a new parcel of land by dividing an existing parcel (Severance) or alter one or more boundaries of an existing parcel (lot addition or lot line adjustment). Consent is also required for new proposed interest in a parcel or portion of land such as the granting of a right-of-way. The Severance Sketch itself accompanies the consent application and is used to visually depict the proposed alterations to the land.

It is important to consult your local municipality or city as they will have specific policies and requirements for land severance.

The cost for the Severance Sketch will not include the cost of the Reference Plan deposited in the land registry office. This is a different type of survey and will be typically required and is completed once the Severance receives preliminary approval. An additional proposal will be provided after the review of the conditions of consent set by the Municipality.

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General Project Flow of the Severance Process


Step 1

Severance Application

Certain municipalities require a Severance Sketch, also called a Draft Reference Plan, to be submitted as part of the consent process.


Step 2

Application Hearing


Step 3

Notice of Decision


Step 4

Reference Plan by An Ontario Land Surveyor


Step 5

Final Approval


Step 6

Your Lawyer Completes Transfer of Land

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a price for the final Reference Plan without my severance application being approved?
In order for us to provide an accurate proposal for Reference Plan, we need to review the approved Notice of Decision (list of conditions) and approved sketch issued by your municipality. Each severance is different and each municipality has certain guidelines that the final survey must produce in order to fulfill the specific requirements of the particular severance. It’s typically done in a two step process and the Reference Plan work is quoted after preliminary consent.
Can you provide a fee to complete my severance application?
We don’t handle the preparation of the consent application itself. However, we would be happy to refer you to a planning consultant who would be able to help.

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