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Bathymetric Surveys

Do you have a body of water that is complicating your next project? Are you worried about the dangers of crews working in rivers or near dams? Do you have a tight deadline and don’t want to waste time cleaning up incompatible sources of data?

Here at IBW Surveyors, we have over 20 years of expertise providing turnkey solutions for Bathymetric Surveys to engineers as well as other land surveyors. We will ensure your project is completed on-time and on-budget by providing you with:

  • Reliable data. IBW has experience working with different bodies of water and providing survey grade data that can easily integrated into your project
  • Cost-effective solutions. IBW invested in technologies that can give the most accurate data efficiently and get the job done safely

A Bathymetric Survey is a type of survey that measures the underwater depth of ocean floors, lake floors, or river floors; the data collected during a bathymetric survey is used to create detailed maps and surface models of the underwater topography and produce usable data for a number of applications. These surveys can be conducted a number of ways, including the conventional boat and rod method, single and multibeam sonars on Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV), and single and multibeam sonars on manned water vessels. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here at IBW, we employ the Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) with single beam sonar for the majority of our applications. The benefits of a USV are, firstly, increased safety. With a USV, the field crew will not have to enter the water, reducing risk and liability. This also broadens the areas in which surveys can be conducted. Dams are a potential hazard, but with a USV it is safer to get close to the spillway. In addition to safety, a USV collects thousands of points with survey grade accuracy in a short period of time. The software used to process the data collected has an automatic filtering system to ensure only clean, reliable data is output – after initial filtration, all the deliverables go through a rigorous quality control process by one of our experts. Because the equipment IBW invests in uses GPS integrated technology, all of the data is georeferenced and, therefore, can be integrated into any project with ease.

There are virtually endless applications for our Bathymetric tools. It does not matter what the need is, if a body of water needs to be mapped, IBW can do it. Some typical applications include stormwater management, pond mapping, watershed/floodplain analysis planning, shoreline erosion monitoring, river mining, tailing ponds, environmental hazards mapping, quarry volumes, and much more.

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