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Pool Permit Survey

Are you building a pool? Many municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area, Halton, and Peel regions require backyard site grading plans for the installation of a new pool. Significant site alterations, such as building a pool, often result in permit plans and applications. This helps the municipality control general water discharge patterns which were originally established when construction of the subdivision took place. Our role in the process is to collect topographic information in the rear yard and adjoining lands to design a self-contained grading plan and to maintain the original water discharge patterns previously mentioned. IBW is well-known amongst municipalities and is familiar with each of their varying requirements for permitting. Our experience in pool surveys ensures all building by-laws are met and therefore avoiding red-line comments and delays after submission.

Before installing a swimming pool, it is necessary to ensure property lines, easements, and setbacks are considered when choosing the location. IBW’s pool permit survey also contains the relevant information for siting a pool such as the approximate lines of your boundaries (to mark sure the pool location is in adherence with the setback bylaws and regulations), location of easements (no construction can take place within an easement) and location of building setbacks (for safety reasons, your pool cannot be built within a certain distance to stairs, fences, or your home).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pool permit survey? Is it the same as a swimming pool site plan for zoning and pool enclosure (fence) permit applications?
Yes, a pool permit survey will be what you need to satisfy the application for site alterations when building a swimming pool.
My municipality requires a legal survey, is it something different from the pool permit survey? Why do I need two surveys?
Yes, a legal survey is different from a pool permit survey. For example, Richmond Hill requires a pool permit survey but Mississauga only requires a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR).

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