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Projects for the installation of new utilities generally have the construction drawings prepared by a technical company. A technical company which likely has no boundary expertise or qualifications to determine boundaries.


These companies generally seem to use purchased parcel mapping to display the “boundaries”. Often the locations of the new underground utilities are calculated relative to these “boundaries”.


IBW pre-calculates utility layout based on the technical drawings, the calculations almost always require boundary expertise to make sure that the minimum property line setbacks can be met, or at the very least to ensure that the installed utilities do not end up on private property, resulting in very significant costs and scheduling delays down the road.

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We offer a number of legal and engineering surveying services for projects large or small.

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Utility Infrastructure Services
Underground Locate Data Coordination
Construction Layout
Engineering & Topographic Surveys
Legal Boundary Surveys
Subdivision Development
Condominium Development
Horizontal & Vertical Control Networks
Deformation Monitoring
Development Site Plans
Custom Home Surveying

Utility Infrastructure Services
Topographic, Boundary and SUE Coordination

What our clients say

“LeBlanc Enterprises have had a relationship with the above company for over 25 years. It is without hesitation, I would recommend Ivan B. Wallace as an outstanding company to work with. Over this long period of time their service in regards to price, quality, value, and delivery has been excellent. If you have any questions please to not hesitate to contact the writer.”

Al LeBlanc | President, LeBlanc Enterprises

“Penn Energy Renewables has been a client of IBW Surveyors for approximately one year. During this time, Crystal Cranch and her team have completed seven separate assignments for our firm. The work product consisted primarily of boundary and topographical surveys of sites ranging from 50 to 200 acres. Each assignment was completed to a high quality with excellent data accuracy and was delivered on schedule. We were impressed with the firm’s flexibility and responsiveness, especially when last minute offsite work was requested on several of the assignments. All of the assignments were completed at the upset prices negotiated. Our experience has been positive overall and we would have no hesitation bidding future work to IBW Surveyors for our Ontario projects. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding this recommendation or require additional information.”

Glen Tomkinson |Project Manager, Penn Energy Renewables


IBW Surveyors is not looking for new employees – we are looking to add to our team. A team player is someone who wants to work with others to get a job done well. A team player never looks for individual glory at the expense of a teammate. A team player has a positive and progressive attitude and is more concerned with the end product than they are with individual stats. We always need more good teammates. Contact us today to see if you are a fit within our team!


Land Survey Records (LSR) is an Online digital warehouse of legal surveys available for public access and also for professional surveyors. IBW is proud to announce that every survey completed is uploaded to LSR and immediately available within the online warehouse.


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