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Any survey plan that illustrates a boundary is called a Plan of Survey. There are some specific kinds of survey plans, such as Reference Plans (Plans that are filed as public documents at the Land Registry Office) and Surveyor’s Real Property Reports, but these are just specific categories of a Plan of Survey. Basically every plan that shows a legal boundary is a Plan of Survey.

Often a Plan of Survey is prepared to meet the specific needs of our clients. Some homeowners may require a plan to show the relationship of a fence line to a property boundary, or to illustrate the dimensions and area of their property, or to show that a new garage was built in compliance with zoning setbacks. A Plan of Survey can take on many forms and can be used for many purposes, but they will all show one or more boundary lines, and usually the relationship of physical features (ditches, buildings, fences, trees, retaining walls) to the surveyed boundary lines.

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