The IBW Team

Professional staff to meet any surveying need.

IBW Surveyors has a number of professional staff on hand throughout our office locations in southern Ontario to meet any surveying need.

Are you interested in joining a team of professionals?

IBW Surveyors is not looking for new employees – we are looking to add to our team. A team player is someone who wants to work with others to get a job done well. A team player never looks for individual glory at the expense of a teammate. A team player has a positive and progressive attitude and is more concerned with the end product than they are with individual stats. We always need more good teammates. Contact us today to see if you are a fit within our team!


Crystal Cranch, O.L.S.

IBW President | Manager of Eastern Operations | Cobourg Branch Manager

Dwayne Cummings, O.L.S.

Manager of Operations

Gord Wallace

IBW Vice-President | Manager Of Business Operations

Ivan Wallace, O.L.S.

IBW Founder | Special Consultant

Dave Comery, O.L.S.

Manager of Western Operations | Bowmanville Branch Manager

Robert Wannack, O.L.S.

Field Operations Manager | Assistant Bowmanville Branch Manager

Kerry Boehme, O.L.S.

Belleville Branch Supervising O.L.S.

Ganesh Sundar, O.L.S.

Project Manager

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