The IBW Surveyors Team

Professional staff to meet any surveying need.

IBW Surveyors has a number of professional staff on hand throughout our office locations in Southern Ontario to meet any surveying need.

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IBW Surveyors does not hire employees – IBW hires teammates. A team player is someone who wants to work with others to get a job done well. A team player never looks for individual glory at the expense of a teammate. A team player has a positive and progressive attitude and is more concerned with the finished product than they are with individual stats.


Crystal Cranch, O.L.S.


Crystal has had a colorful career in surveying as she grew into the role of President of IBW Surveyors.  She started in Alberta designing Forestry Trunk Roads through the mighty Rocky Mountains, living on the land for months at a time.

Gord Wallace

Business Development

Gord studied at the University of New Brunswick and Durham College before starting his career at IBW. Beginning with operating the end of the chain like most everyone else before operating the transit then the crew.  Gord now spends his time on complex boundaries and business development while at work.

Dave Comery, O.L.S., B.Sc.

Office Manager, HR Manager

Whether Dave is expertly supporting large developers, designing and creating new communities or calmly mediating fence disputes between neighbours, he provides consistently high quality service to his clients, regardless of the scope of the project.

Dwayne Cummings, O.L.S., B.Sc. Eng

Operations Manager

Dwayne is always happy but never satisfied. Loving his work makes him happy, but striving to find better and more efficient ways for IBW to serve it’s clients means he is never satisfied, always feeling that IBW can be better.

Robert Wannack, O.L.S., B.Sc.

Production Manager - IBW West

Rob, better known as Robbie, came to IBW with 27 years of surveying experience. His knowledge ranges from overseeing large MTO projects to catering to the needs of local developers. Regardless of the project type or size, Rob knows your project is important and he will deliver.

Ivan Wallace, O.L.S.

Founder, Consultant

When Ivan started working for our predecessor firm, Horton and Haynes, in 1956 the Age of Majority in Ontario was twenty one. He had not yet reached that magical age and thus in order to sign his Articles with Graydon Horton,  he had to have his father co-sign the Articles.

Leadership Team

Kerry Boehme, O.L.S., B.Sc. Surveying

Senior Party Chief

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Kerry graduated from the University of Toronto in 1982 and was commissioned as an Ontario Land Surveyor is 1985. Kerry spent the first 13 years of his career as a partner of Friel and Boehme, Ontario Land Surveyors. In 1998 he became the sole proprietor of Kerry Boehme, Ontario Land Surveyor located in Trenton, Ontario. In 2007, Kerry joined the IBW team.

Steve McColl

Office Manager - Belleville

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Steve has work in the Survey Industry for over 35 years. Starting from an entry level position he has worked his way up to Manager of the Belleville Branch. Steve takes a hands-on approach to ensure clients, field and staff are both happy and productive. He believes that every team member plays an integral part in our success. Steve has seen many technological advancements and is proud to be apart of IBW as a company on the cutting edge of survey technology.


CAD Department

Our CAD Team members are experts in creating surveys that meets the AOLS and other specified standards and regulations. Here, they take the information gathered in the field and develop a plan based on the specific requirements for the project. Whether is it a site plan or a plan of subdivision, their skills will deliver every time.

Administrative Department

The Administrative Team is always ready to help. As the first point of contact for any client contact or quoting needs, they will take ownership of your questions and direct you to the right department. They ensure the day to day operations of the office are efficient and organized. With many behind the scene duties, you never know what hidden talents they have.

Operations Department

This busy and highly organized Team ensures all projects properly navigate through the system, from Team to Team right up until the deliverables are provided to the client. They effectively help the Project Management Team see the project through from research, to field work, to drafting, to OLS checking and everything in between. This is the main hub of how we execute our business.

Research Department

This is a challenging and exciting department. Gathering historical documents and compiling records that form the basis for our final deliverables  to our clients. Our researchers have an amazing talent to locate relevant information that will be utilized by our various Teams from start to completion of the projects. In addition, our research Team is tasked with the archival and scans of all IBW records, which is an extensive collection to say the least.

Field Department

This adaptable and innovative department is ready for everything and anything. By taking the file information they have been provided, they use hands on technical expertise to accurately and precisely retrace boundaries and to complete engineering surveys. We have developed an industry leading Field Team and is the core of IBW.


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