Legal CAD Operator

All Locations

Full Time


The Legal CAD Operators report to the Drafting Team Lead.


  • Knowledge of the various CAD software packages
  • AOLS and IBW Standards
  • Calculate and draft reference plans
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively
  • Complete plan closures
  • Complete plan corrections
  • Identify proper research and ability to identify when obtaining additional research material as required
  • Knowledge of CAD commands and proper use of layers
  • Knowledge of the basic cogo commands in CAD
  • Knowledge of the various kinds of survey deliverables and the different plan types
  • Make contributions and provide input for new workflows and methods to increase productivity by being prepared and engaged at team meetings
  • Reaching out to field crews for field verification and detailing requests for more fieldwork
  • Read and assess metes and bounds descriptions
  • Recognizes when consultation with the Drafting Team Lead is required
  • The ability to analyze field notes and photos taken by field staff to aid in the drafting process
  • Troubleshoot issues while completing actions and make sure to seek expert input when required
  • Understanding of the IBW CAD and Quality Control processes