Crystal Cranch, O.L.S., President, IBW Surveyors

Years with IBW Surveyors

Robert Wannack, O.L.S., B.Sc.

Production Manager – IBW West

1-800-667-0696 ext. 112

At IBW we strive to deliver the best product to the customer the first time. Rob, better known as Robbie, came to IBW with 27 years of surveying experience. His knowledge ranges from overseeing large MTO projects to catering to the needs of local developers. Regardless of the project type or size, Rob knows your project is important and he will deliver. As Production Manager as IBW, Rob utilizes his straight forward approach by looking after client’s needs in a productive and no-nonsense manner. With more than 32 years in the Surveying and Land Development industry, Rob believes it is not the excuses but the results that count.