Crystal Cranch, O.L.S., President, IBW Surveyors

Years with IBW Surveyors

Gord Wallace

Chief Financial Officer

1-800-667-0696 ext. 104

Gord grew up in Oshawa before studying at the University of New Brunswick and Durham College.  Gord then started his career at IBW beginning with operating the end of the chain like most everyone else before operating the transit then the crew.  At the start of my career we were a small but mighty firm where everyone learned to do everything in surveying always focusing on the boundary and the client.  Little has changed since then with the exception of the addition about 60 staff and mind blowing tech. Gord now spends his time on complex boundaries and business development while at work.  Outside interests include golf, basketball, coaching as well as sitting on Clarington Committee of Adjustment while being a proud Rotarian. Gord is proud of his several accomplishments including being a senior partner at IBW, inducted into the Durham College Sports Hall of Fame, Past President of the Bowmanville Rotary Club and proud father of 2 boys.