The History of IBW Surveyors

Legal and Engineering Survey Services Since 1990

Ivan B. Wallace
Ontario Land Surveyor Ltd.

Ivan B. Wallace Ontario Land Surveyor Ltd. has been in the survey business for more than twenty years providing legal and engineering survey services. IBW represents a number of former land and engineering survey firms, practicing across the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, Durham Region, Peterborough County, Northumberland County, Hastings County and Prince Edward County.


  • Ivan B. Wallace Ontario Land Surveyor Ltd was established in Bowmanville, Ontario.
  • IBW acquires T.S. Fluke (Peterborough) O.L.S. records.
  • IBW acquires Culham Wallace & Davies O.L.S. records.
  • IBW acquires Donevan & Richards O.L.S. (Cobourg) records.


  • IBW acquires Culham Surveying records IBW acquires Brown & Coggan O.L.S. Ltd. IBW opens Cobourg Branch Office
  • IBW acquires Kerry Boehme O.L.S. Ltd. and opens Trenton Branch Office


  • IBW acquires J. Vinklers Surveying Ltd.
  • IBW opens Toronto Branch Office as Vinklers, Wallace & Ertl O.L.S. Ltd.
  • IBW opens Peterborough Branch Office
  • IBW acquires B. Roger Pickard Surveying Ltd. and opens Picton Branch Office
  • IBW acquires 43 Degrees North
  • IBW amalgamates the Trenton and Picton offices to form one central office in Belleville.

Ivan B. Wallace O.L.S Ltd. is in possession of the following Ontario Land Surveyor Records:

IBW Cobourg
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Donevan & Fleischmann (Cobourg)

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Donevan & Richards (Cobourg)

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Horton, Wallace and Davies (Northumberland), K.F. Lashley OLS

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Culham Surveying

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Culham, Wallace and Davies OLS.

IBW Trenton

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Friel & Boehme

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Friel, Boehme & Hume Friel, N. Edward

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