Field Assistant

All Locations

Full Time


The assistant will be assigned to assist a Party Chief in the completion of field surveys. This position will provide the required training and experience to allow the assistant to progress to a Party Chief position.


A Field assistant is able to complete the following tasks consistently and effectively under the direct supervision of a Party Chief:

  • Assist the Party Chief in completion of field surveys by setting up field equipment and assisting in the collection of data
  • Collect locational data through the use of total stations, global positioning system (GPS) receivers, data collectors, 3D scanners etc
  • Daily uploading and downloading the data collector
  • Ensuring equipment is in good working order – completing basic maintenance when required
  • Ensure the field vehicle is in good working order – completing basic maintenance when required
  • Ensuring field vehicle is equipped with the daily needs based on the work scheduled to be completed that day
  • Drive to and from work sites
  • Improve efficiency by taking on roles that will allow projects to be completed more efficiently – ie preparing field notes
  • Daily clean up of the field room, equipment room and garage areas to ensure clean and tidy work areas
  • A Field assistant must learn and ensure compliance with the regulations that govern our industry
    • Monumentation regulations
    • AOLS Standards and IBW Standards
    • General boundary retracement principles, including recognizing and attempting to re-establish the boundaries from the nearest ascertainable evidence

The Field Assistant reports to the Field Team Lead, with daily supervision from the assigned Party Chief.