Engineering CAD Operator

All Locations

Full Time


The Engineering CAD Operators reports to the Drafting Team Lead.


  • Knowledge of the various CAD software packages
  • Knowledge on CAD standards required by various clients ex. TTC Standards
  • Ability in creating DTM’s, TIN’s and generating contours
  • Assemble final deliverables to meet client needs
  • Knowledge in the use, creation and calculation of vertical and horizontal alignments
  • Data processing abilities
    • Field data processing
    • 3D scan data processing
    • Field blunder detection and resolution
    • Knowledge of local and networked coordinate systems
    • Knowledge of local and geodetic datums
  • Knowledge of regulations for preparation of survey plans, including AOLS Standards and IBW Standards
  • Troubleshooting issues while completing projects
  • Reaching out to field crews for field verification and detailing requests for additional fieldwork
  • Ability to provide clear information for fieldwork requests
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively
  • Research and Development
    • Contribute to developing new workflows and methods to increase productivity with the Engineering Team Lead
    • Offering recommendations to management to improve efficiencies or processes